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Born in Augusta, GA, I was always influenced by the arts. I attended Lakeside High School where I took Drawing and Ceramic I & II. I obtained my bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Georgia College & State University. I have been privileged to have shown my paintings in several galleries throughout the state. My attention to color schemes, lines, and shapes balances out and aligns the composition of my art and invites viewers to explore each piece from various angles and perspectives.


My medium of choice is acrylic, which I use to paint abstract and mixed media pieces that range from bold and edgy to earthly and grounded. My "oneness" with art is what enables me to express the freedom and joy that comes with allowing myself to be the vessel through which the paint, brush, and canvas convene. 



Solo Exhibition. Augusta, GA. Red Door Gallery. 

Works of art that represents growth, grace, and beauty. Incorporating flowers, abstract works, and butterflies: these paintings help shine light on the development of my character, the significance of my strength, with the fragility of love & life. 

Group Exhibition. Augusta, GA. Kroc Center. 

Grouping of abstract art works designed to set a playful tone with bright and exhilarating colors. 

Group Exhibition. Milledgeville, GA. Leland Gallery. 

Art works for my senior capstone at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, GA. Works included three large scale representational pieces depicting the connection between the brain, the heart, and your own perspective.

Group Exhibition. Milledgeville, GA. HUB Center. 

Grouping of representational art designed to portray the ground breaking achievements and overcoming triumphs of women. The works highlighted women's footprint in the workforce, women's roles as mothers, their roles are partners, and how women are looked at as a gender. 

Group Exhibition. Milledgeville, GA. Sallie Ellis Davis House. 

Grouping of art works representing and exploring different races & cultures. 

Group Exhibition. Milledgeville, GA. Good Karma. 

Grouping of individual pieces done while completing undergrad at Georgia College & State University. Divergent included abstract and representational works. 



Annual magazine print for College of Coastal Georgia. 

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